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Do You Want a Faster Website or Blog?

WP Super Charge, Magically brings speed to your website. Get awesome search engine ranking with super speed.

Wp Super Charge speeds up your WordPress website or blog and grabs attention of search engines.

Simple and Easy Setup

Buy/Download Wp Super Charge

Click here to buy this awesome WordPress plugin to optimize your website pagespeed.

Install Wp Super Charge

You can install this plugin the same way, as you install other popular WordPress plugins.

Use Magic Optimizer Button

Just a single click can optimize your website and will keep it optimized in future.

How WP Super Charge Optimizes Your Website for Speed?

Page Cache

Caching Your Web Pages

WP Super Charge makes cache of commonly used pages and deliver static version of that page. This loads faster on user’s browser, hence you get a good pagespeed.

Image Optimization

This plugin will compress and optimize images onto your server. The resulted images will still look high quality but the size will be decreased on disk.  This process makes sure that images inside your page, are loaded faster on user’s browser.

Image Optimization
Assets Minification

Assets (CSS/Javascript )Minification

WP Super Charge, minifies and compresses all assets like Javascript and CSS files. This function also lets you to combine different CSS and Javascript files to minimize requests to server in the same session. The result will be a speedy loading of dependencies and faster pagespeed.

Leverage Browser Cache

Browser Cache plays vital role in web page speed optimization. WP Super Charge enables Browser Cache to let users load your website super fast. This happens when commonly used files are downloaded once and user’s browser will not download it again for a certain time period. It will rather use the local copy of those files to speed up web page loading process.

Leverage Browser Cache

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WP Super Charge Plugin for?

WP Super Charge plugin makes it possible to achieve maximum compliance score with Google Page Speed Insights tool. This plugin has several options to use and configure your WordPress blog to speed up page loading.

How Magic Optimizer can help getting good results?

Magic optimizer is a tool designed for common users of WordPress. It allows them to just click on a single button and the plugin will do all the jobs needed for you to optimize your page speed.

Will this plugin produce 100% score on Google Page Speed Insights?

No and Yes. It all depends on several things including your themes in-use and all activated plugins. If the theme and plugins being used comply WP development starndards, WP Super Charge will work more effeciantly. For example if your theme usesWP_enqueu_scripts/WP_enqueue_styles to attach JS and CSS files to your theme, WP Super Charge will work with those files correctly and will produce good results.

How this plugin handles page cache?

Wp Super Charge has its own cache system built into it. This system creates page cache when a page is called first time in browser, a copy of the generated output is created on server and that will be served when browser requests that local copy instead of dynamically calling WP pages or posts. This increases the speed and reduces server load.

Does it work with plugins like WP Super Cache, Total Cache or Fast Cache?

Yes! Plugins like WP Super Cache and Batcache and Managed WordPress Hosting that offer full page only HTML caching are actually recommended by WP Super Charge to give your users the fastest browsing experience possible for your site.

My CSS messed up after installing and activating WP Super Charge, what to do now?

If you website is broken and CSS is messed up using WP Super Charge, we will recommend you to use only CSS minification function and disable Combine CSS.

Can I use this plugin with SuperCache/Fast Cache or Total Cache Plugin?

Yes, you can surely use this plugin with any cache plugin available in the market. To do so, You need to disable all type of cache available in WP Super Charge plugin.

What is the Price of this Plugin?

This plugin has great value for low price. You can buy single site license for only USD $22.